The Bell Couloir is located just beyond Taylor Lake in Banff National Park.  For such an impressive run, this is a short day tour and at a moderate pace, you can be back at the car in 6-7 hours.  This tour requires excellent stability because this is big terrain with a high risk of avalanche - a big slide would carry you as far as the surface of the lake.

Starting from the Taylor Lake parking lot, it's about 2 hours up the 7km switch-backing trail to Taylor Lake.  After turning left at the end of the lake, you'll gain another 800m to the top of the Bell Couloir.  Skins will work well for most of the trip, but some bootpacking is required in the main couloir.  This is the crux - if you're unsure of the conditions, bootpacking over a large convexity in the middle of a 40 degree couloir is not where you want to be.  But this is also what make this a great place to ski - the sheer size of the landscape.  This isn't your conventional couloir with tight walls and fast moving sluff - this is a long run in a very wide couloir with three separate pitches.  It is best skied in the spring when stability is good and when there are melt-freeze conditions everywhere else.  The north-west facing aspect of this run will hold onto winter snow far longer than the terrain around it.

If upping the ante is your thing, there is a chute directly off the summit of Mt. Bell which leads into the main couloir.  Pick your time wisely on this because if you get caught in your own sluff, it's game over.

One of the best parts of this tour is the exit!  Believe it or not, if the trail is icy or the snow is low, this might be the crux of the day.  The same trail that you skied up for 2 hours will only take 20 minutes to ski down and I would encourage locking your heels.  In the spring, keep an eye out for wildlife and always carry bear spray.