Due to the proximity to the town of Canmore and its visibility from anywhere in the valley, the Canmore Couloir (Miners Gully) is on everyone's bucket list.  During the winter, it doesn't snow much in Canmore so the couloir doesn't usually fill in until late in the season when melt-freeze conditions are prevalent. For most people, this is a "one-and-done" experience; you don't ski the Canmore Couloir for the great conditions, you ski it so you can sit on your patio when you're done, look up and say, "Yep, I skied that."

It's only a 10 minute drive from downtown Canmore to the Goat Creek trail head on the Spray Lakes Road (Smith-Dorrien).  From here, follow the summer trail up Ha-Ling Peak for just over an hour,  and bring crampons in case the trail is icy.  You can throw skins on once you break into the alpine, and skin for 15 more minutes to reach the entrance to the couloir beteen Miners Peak and Mt. Lawrence Grassi.  From here, it's a straight descent into Miners Bowl, and then an exit through the creek to the Highline Trail.  On a good year, you can ski all the way to the power line but on most years, you'll be walking from here.

Bring a rope.  Depending on snow levels, there are two small repels that you'll need to complete.  They're juuuuust big enough to make a fall especially painful.  Alternatively, stay high and right about half way down Miners Bowl and poke your way through the trees to the Highline Trail, or ski the next chute over that runs parallel to Miners Bowl.  Bottom line is that there is no such thing as a graceful exit from Canmore Couloir!

Have fun up here and take pictures.  Get someone to film how awesome you are from town!  When you're done, jump on your mountain bike and go for a ride because it will still be early in the day.