It's an easy approach to Egypt Lake.  You can ski over Healy Pass from Sunshine Village, or approach from the other direction via Redearth/Pharaoh Creeks. Both approaches are in the 15 km range, so expect to spend a night or two up here so you can enjoy the area.  There is a shelter at Egypt Lake, and this is a great introductory tour for those dabbling in getting into hut trips, or hut to hut ski touring traverses.

Egypt Lake shelter can be booked through Parks Canada, and offers basic shelter for the night. There's a wood stove, bunks, and firewood, but that's about it.  Be prepared to bring all the other necessities with you including all sleep accessories, pots and pans, and extra gear.  Like most shelters in the middle of nowhere, there is no cellular reception here.

Touring around the shelter is mellow, and is great in the spring time when you can get high up in the surrounding passes without having to worry too much about avalanche conditions.  I first visited Egypt Lake (in the winter) with my pal, Bill J., and was really surprised at all the options we had.  Despite the mellow skiing around the shelter, there are some monster pillow lines, steep trees, and even a gigantic couloir (off The Sphinx) if the conditions are right. If you do some exploring, there are some serious descents that leave you high up Pharaoh Creek near the BC border.  On day two, Bill went for it and skied a beautiful pillow line that was stacked in the sun.  When the hooting and hollering started, I knew we had found a place we would be coming back to for years.  I made a second trip here with Dan T., (see bio) and he can now also attest to the awesomeness of this place!

One of the better things about skiing from a shelter is the apres ski potential!  Egypt Lake Shelter just happens to get excellent late day sunshine, and so you'll be drinking cold beers after a great morning of skiing before you know it.