This is a Kananaskis Classic and it's a loop, not an out and back.  Just past the summit of Hwy. 742 at Burstall Pass lies the trail head for Hero Knob.  If you're feeling fit, you can hammer this tour out in a few hours, car to car.  Don't let this sway your opinion though - there are options up here for all kinds of skiing.

This tour starts and ends with a river crossing.  In the spring, water levels can be high so be prepared to take your boots off, roll up your pants, and wade.  In the winter time, it’s never a problem!

If snow conditions are tough, then there is good tree skiing on the approach to Hero Bowl.  If you're after scenery and some wide open alpine turns, then the main pitch on the north side of Hero Bowl is where to be.  If conditions are right, and you want a steep and fast decent, then the Hero Couloir (north side) is your bread and butter.  If the snow is bombproof and there's lots of it, then the south side of Hero Knob offers an all-time descent.  You'll never get bored up here!

Hero Knob offers BIG terrain choices.  The options I’ve outlined are all great in the right conditions, but the bottom line is that you need to be careful if the conditions are sketchy.  I made that mistake here once.  I lost a ski in a small slide in whiteout conditions, 500m from the bottom of the main bowl, in 30 cm of storm snow.  It happened because of a series of poor decisions.  Let’s just say that the 6 km slog back to the car with one ski, on a hollow early season snowpack, was once of the most unpleasant experiences of my life.  On two subsequent summer trips back up to Hero Bowl, I never found the ski.  Sometimes the story of a ski tour isn’t one that you want to tell.

This all being said, I still ski here all the time.  Want a  tour that is a little more off the beaten path?  Be a Hero, ski the knob!