We're based out of Banff, AB, and it’s very rare that anyone gets to ski off the summit of Tunnel Mountain, the small peak that looks over the Banff townsite.  Sometimes that best "tours" are the ones that are closest to home.  Though this isn’t exactly a ski tour, I’d been eyeballing this for years, and when the opportunity came up, we jumped all over it!

There really is no good time to ski this, but usually earlier is better.  If it snows, you just have to go for it.  In this case, we skied here in November of 2014, when the low sun casts a deep shadow over Banff.  Park at the Banff Centre, skin up Tunnel Mountain Drive, and ski up wherever you see snow! 

Don’t expect the skiing to be epic, or even marginally good.  In fact, the skiing up here will likely be horrific!  Bring your rock skis, every time!  What you will get is bragging rights and that ability to look up at Tunnel Mountain and say to anyone who asks, “yeah, I’ve skied that.”  Even though it’s not a great ski tour, it’s one heck of a good story!